Krys Palacios

Production Designer

Art Director

Not Your Average Nerd

A Fundamental Foundation

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Krys grew up working in the family business of graphic arts, fabrication, flipping houses, and property management. She worked with her parents and older sisters, building, upgrading, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial properties.

Upon graduating high school in 2004 Krys answered the call to arms and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. There she served over nine years as an H-1 helicopter avionics and weapons technician in OIF, OEF, and the Horn of Africa. In 2013 Krys was honorably discharged as a Sergeant of Marines.

In the Industry Today

After a year in community college, Krys enrolled into The Los Angeles Film School Bachelor's Program, originally for a Directing and Writing major. Although Krys has directed and written short films, her skillset in construction and fabrication made her an asset in the Production Design Program. Krys graduated from LAFS in March 2018 and continues today as a Production Designer and Art Director.

All Things Art Department

Taking lead positions hasn't slowed Krys from the tradition of building and fabricating by hand. She has created custom items from set dress, props, wardrobe pieces, to standing sets from the ground up. 

Krys has worked on a variety of genres, drama, dark comedy, thriller, horror, and music videos. Each production received designs and fabrications made custom with the utmost care for the preservation of the director's vision.

Recent Work

Live Veteran's Day concert at the Washington National Cathedral, 

Nov 11th, 2018

Position: Production Coordinator


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Washington, District of Columbia, United States